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The perfect lubricant for Dry Skin without Harsh ingredient’s PH Balanced

MAXIDERM LOTION, enriched with Vitamin E, improves the health of the skin, It helps to protect hand, body and face from varied weather conditions.

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Benefits: –

* Acts as an effective skin protector and gives long term benefits.
* Reduces dry skin conditions, such as scaling, cracking, flaking, tightness & redness
* It delivers and binds water to the surface of the skin, but also increases internal water-binding capacity.
* Increases water-retention capacity on both the dermis & epidermis.
* Soothes and Plasticizes the uppermost layer of the stratum corneum.

The main reason for skin dryness is lack of water. MAXIDERM LOTION assists in replenishing/retention of water in skin.

There may be many reasons for dryness of skin, in acute cases you must consult your Doctor.

Climatic and environment conditions are the main reasons for making the skin dry. Continues usage of soaps and solvents remove lipid from the skin. Regular exposure to dry and cold wind attributes to water loss from the skin.

Regular Usage of MAXIDERM LOTION helps in: –

* Nourishing and Revitalizing dry skin
* Maintaining skin hydration
* Protecting the skin from air pollution
* Soothes and softens the epidermis


* May be applied freely to hands, face and body as required
* Rubbed in well, preferably after bath or as advised by the Physician

Precaution: –

Persons sensitive to any particular ingredient are advised to perform a patch test before using. If a rash or irritation devolops, please contact your Physician.

    * Keep out of the reach of children
    * Avoid contact with eye
    * Not to be applied over open wounds and infections.


Available in tube of 100g

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