Credible Medical Supplies of Good and Superior Quality

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Credible Medical Supplies at Reasonable & Cost Effective Rates


Credible Medical Supplies of Superior Quality from Nature’s Best


A variety of devices catered to assist doctors & surgeons in performing procedures – from General Practitioners to Ophthamology, ENT, O&G and even Urology.

Plastic Surgery / Aesthetics

The pet category of our founder, the products suitable for Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics range from breast implants to unique skincare formulations that use primarily botanical extracts and ingredients.

Traditional Medicine
Medical Supplies Kuala Lumpur

Featuring a range of core products suitable for all, using the purest and most effective natural ingredients without negative side effects.

Burns / Woundcare / O.T. / Emergency
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The newest addition to our product categories, this range comprises must-have otems for Emergency Care Services (EMS), Trauma. Burns and Wound Care. Leading brands represented with solid quality products to aid any medical service.

Clinical Tests
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A range of Clinic and Home Clinical Tests for easy diagnosis, whether at home or in the clinic setting.

General Items
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We have sourced the world over to provide very cost-effective, everyday items required by any doctor and clinic. From needles to sutures, cotton wool to bandages.

Our Brands