Next-Generation Motiva Implants®

The most comprehensive range of advanced smooth implants, with the world’s first & only ergonomic and smooth anatomical implants


Why Choose Motiva

Q inside safety technology for motiva

Choose implants that prioritize your safety above anything else. Motiva® Implants can be equipped with the QID Inside Safety Technology, which can be scanned with the QID scanner to give you all the information you need about your breasts implants.

Blu seal

Motiva® is trusted by both patients and surgeons, because of its technological innovations geared towards safety and security. Each implant has a bluish colour, which signifies the presence of the barrier layer, making it easy for the surgeon to spot any damage on the implant.

smooth silk surface - motiva

According to studies, implant complications in the past were mostly caused by textured, rough surface implants. Motiva® Implants are equipped with the SmoothSilk® Surface Shell, making it more bio compatible and reducing the risk of implant complications.

superior strength and durability

The culmination of beauty and strength, Motiva® Implants are made to be durable, but still gives you the look and feel that you desire. the TrueMonobloc Technology gives the overall structure of the implant good strength and durability, while having the soft, natural feel the breasts should have. Choose the best of both worlds, choose Motiva®

Your breast implants should be able to keep up with your active lifestyle. Motiva® Implants are made to be strong and durable, while maintaining the soft feel of natural breasts!