BioTest MicroAlbumin Test Kit

Detects microalbumin in urine Who should test : People with diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis and SLE condition

BioTest Diabetes Test Kit

Detects presence of glucose and/or ketone in your urine. Who should test : Adults 45 years and above, Obese, Hypertensive, High cholestrol, Family history of diabetes

BioTest Urinary Tract Infection Test Kit

Detects White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells and/or Nitrate in your urine Symptoms to test : Blood in urine, cloudy urine, frequent need to urinate despite the urge, painful or discomfort urination

BioTest Kidney Function Test Kit

Detests Protein, Specific Gravity and/or creatinine in your urine. Who should test : Diabetics, High Blood pressure.

BioTest Liver Function Test Kit

Detects Uro-bilinogen and/or bilirubin in your urine. Who should test : People on recreation drugs, high alcohol consumption, people on long term medication, people on large or dose vitamin and herbal product long term

BioTest Menopause Test Kit

Detects FSH in urine Symptoms to test : Irregular menstrual cycle, hot flushes, sleep disorder, vaginal dryness, hair loss, anxiety & mood swings, short term memory loss, fatigue

BioTest Ovulation Test Kit

Detects LH surge in urine. This test kit is used for fertility planning where it will be able to identify the 24 hours most fertile in the month to be conceiving

BioTest Urine Drug Test

Detects : Amphetamine / Metamphetamine / Mrijuana (THC) / Opiates / Morphine (either one only) Who should uy : enforcement officers, labour sscreening authorities, public as we ll as private orginisations that practice and implement drug policies

BioTest Pregnancy Test Kit

Format : Midstream / Cassete / One-Step / Strip Detects hCG in your urine Able to test the very 1st day a woman misses her period


Available : 10 parameters – Glu / Pro / Blo / Bil / Uro / Ket / Nit / Leu / pH /SG
2 parameters – Glu / Pro

Dengue Rapid Test Kits

1. Dengue NS1 Ag Whole Blood/Serum Test
2. Dengue NS1 + IgG/IgM Serum or Whole Blood Cassette Tests
3. Dengue NS1 Ag Rapid Test Cassette
4. Dengue NS1 Ag+IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Cassette

Drug of Abuse (DOA) Tests

Available for a variety of drugs such as Marijuanna / Cannabis, Opiates-Opium / Morphine/Heroin, Amphetamine, Metamphetamine, Ketamine

Foresure Pregnancy Tests

Format : Midstream / Cassete / One-Step / Strip Detects hCG in your urine